The intersection of evolving web functionality and the need to move the implementation and management of core business processes online has necessitated a new perspective for planning, designing and creating web development solutions. By this we mean that it has become more the rule and not the exception to be required to “blend” several technologies to create the most effective solution. For even relatively small businesses, a balanced combination of technologies such as pairing Drupal with Ubercart in order to jumpstart an ecommerce / inventory control management project, then building a custom interface with existing POS technology, is required to meet functionality and time requirements.


For more intense social interactive web projects, the component technology mosaic becomes even more intense. One of Luxcer’s client has an ongoing project that requires blending Drupal, Liftweb, Cassandra, Hadoop, REST, Mahout, Kestral, LAMP and more to provide the functionality required now, and the flexibility to rapidly deploy additional features as needed.


Key impacts to firms that provide web development staff and solutions include:

  • The critical need to ensure staff stay exceptionally current on new technologies, and especially how they interact to provide even more functionality

  • A perspective that is consistently fixed “outside-the-box”

  • In-depth understanding of each client’s existing systems and the requirements for integrating a multi-technology stack into this environment

  • A grasp of the development project that is as firmly rooted in the business objectives of the client as it is in the configuration of existing systems architecture.


Luxcer appreciates this new direction for development solution design because it provides developers with almost unlimited new potential for creative solutions, and at the same time transports systems development more closely in line with and directly addressing business critical objectives such as time to market, resource allocation and cost-efficiency.

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